10 points? QUICK, HELP!?!

Question: 10 points.? QUICK, HELP!.?
I just watched a terror movie and every night i think about the grudge and thats why i can't sleep. I'm only 11 and how do i prevent nightmares or how can i not think about it.?Health Question & Answer

Ok I can relate to you I remember when I first saw the grudge when I was about 11 or 12 I was scared out of my mind and I didn't get it cause I always loved horror movies and they never scared me but this one did badly. But I thought I was never going to get over it I couldn't sleep I would wake up shaking and that went on for about a week then as I started to watch other horror movies and get on with other things putting grudge on the back of my mind I just got over it, forgot how scary it was and even though I always watched horror movies I learned that if you put on a funny t.v. Show before bed or music then you will be happy and the grudge will be the last thing on ur mind. Just remember if you can't handle horror movies don't watch them. It if you like them just remember they are NOT real and think happy thoughts before bed. Hope this helped. :)Health Question & Answer

try putting on some relaxing music or thinking about things that are completely different like "what am i going to get for xmas.?" or "what should i do with my friends tomorrow" also keeping a light on (in bathroom or something) might make you feal like nothings going 2 creep on you...hope this helps...just tell yourself its all fake lol because it is...and believe me nothings going to get you while you asleep :)Health Question & Answer

idk.?Health Question & Answer

Stop watching those horror films. You are too young to reason it out. The reason you are having nightmares is because you probably watched the movie too close to your bedtime. Wait til you are older dude. Then this stuff won't happen to you anymore.Health Question & Answer

MeHealth Question & Answer

realize it was just a movie, and it's only there or freaking you out if you believe in it. the sooner you remember that it isn't true.? try watching a movie or tv show. something funny to cheer you up and make you forget about it.? besides the grudge wasnt even scary. lmaoHealth Question & Answer

Think about happy things. Or sleep with a tv on thats playing a show you like(thats what i do when i am scared) And just tell yourself it was just a movie with actors and cameras and stuff. GOOD LUCKHealth Question & Answer

avoid seeing such films at such age
it creates bad effect on ur mind
sleep with ur parents and take the name of godHealth Question & Answer

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