My mum is taking LSD what should I do?!

Question: My mum is taking LSD what should I do.?
I saw my uncle hand some sort of piece of paper to my mum tonight at the footie, she kept it in her hand for a while because she saw i was watching her. Later on to figure what is was i read her messages, one was from my uncle and it said "the tab is really strong, meet me out back we'll have some" tab obviously meaning paper soaked in LSD liquid form. i haven't confronted her yet and i haven't talk to my dad either. HELP WHAT SHOULD I DO.?.?Health Question & Answer

Well in all honesty if you approach her and tell her that you don't think she should be doing it I'd imagine she's going to almost be offended that her child is telling her what to do, almost like telling her (the person that taught you right and wrong) what is right and and wrong.

In all honesty I think what I'd do is research all the worst cases of what LSD has done to people and show, only problem with this is that you are going to have to see the bad effects and what could potentially happen to your own mother.

You are in a tight situation but I hope this helps.Health Question & Answer

hahah thats crazy.

lsd really isnt a dangerous drug. if she trips that much, she knows how to handle a trip. if it hasn't brought out any 'mental disorders' yet, its not going to.

there really isn't much body harm going on except for maybe her short term memory kinda sucks.Health Question & Answer

Well, don't lead by her example...Health Question & Answer

whoa thats pretty crazy.

get involvedHealth Question & Answer

First things first... are you REALLY sure she's taking LCD.?Health Question & Answer

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