I feel sick .........?!

Question: I feel sick ..........?
I just eat a hotdog, feel to full. can't stop coughing :( ehhhhhhhhhhhhh

any idea on how i can stop the 'full' feelingHealth Question & Answer

take a bathHealth Question & Answer

You may have indigestion. Take some Tums or eat a yogurt.

To also get ride of the full feeling, get up and walk around for a bit. This will jar up and eliminate the gas that is possibly built up in your body.Health Question & Answer

well hotdogs are bad there kinda poisionous o.o better watch out brother or else you will have to go to the hospital :P oh to get rid of it either puke it out or fart as much as you can xPHealth Question & Answer

MOUAHHealth Question & Answer

well i dont know when i have a really bad stomach ace i take baking soda with a little water! it makes you burb up gass or have ginger aleHealth Question & Answer

personal experianceHealth Question & Answer

sounds like your gona puke, good luck puking will make you feel Better after the uncomfortable part is overHealth Question & Answer

Give it time you wil soon feel ok once yo have digested your hotdog :-)Health Question & Answer

watch a food program it always makes me feel less full! but then makes me hungry lolHealth Question & Answer

give it an hour, drink water and eat chewing gum!Health Question & Answer

Drink water!!! after a while it will pass!!! PS! Dont eat so many hotdogs next time ..and stop eating so fast :)Health Question & Answer

Rub your stomach or back. Or drink some water. Maybe you need to throw up or something.Health Question & Answer

Get some rest
make sure your hydrated
hope you feel better =)Health Question & Answer

Gte some sleep or go to the bathroom.Health Question & Answer

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