How many of u talk to urselves?!

Question: How many of u talk to urselves.?
i 've actually asked this ques.
but sumthin happened and therefore i couln't get ur ans....
do u think, comment, scorn etc aloud even when ur alone.?.?.?
i always do it nd if someone actually sees me doin it, they doubt my mental stability!!!!!!
wat nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but i AM a teeny-weeny bit worried.
so hw many of u r wit me.?.?.?.?

thx :)Health Question & Answer

I talk to myself all the time. If i've just watched a new episode of something, or theres a new chapter of my favourite book out, and i've just read/watched it, i'll talk to myself about it for ages. Because nobody else will listen. I doubt your mad. xD If so, i am too. Which is possible. -Hits head- Teehee. (^_^) xHealth Question & Answer

Yes, there is nothing wrong for a person to talk to self in a limited way.
It opens up the desire to communicate and to hear ones own voice brings relief especially when you are tense.
Well, others may develop a sense of reaction to such outward comments especially to self and hence certain discretion - low tone and murmur is necessary.Health Question & Answer

Never in my life, but I now use some of those terms and ,

UNTIL recently, when I listen to the TV and hear some politicians who have their bowels connected to their mouths.
If I knew I could reach them I'd throw something at the TV, but I find myself talking to the damned thing.

Don't feel alone. Luckily, no one else hears me.Health Question & Answer

see swthrt i do tat all the time. theres nothing wrong and u r totally fine. talking to yourself infact helps you to analyse yourself and make things better in a constructive way.and a self analysis will make you a better person....Health Question & Answer

yep im guilty of talking to myself all the time. helps me deal with things. nothing wrong with it. it's when you answer yourself back you might want to worry.Health Question & Answer

It is normal...I talk to myself sometimes...especially when important things are in my mind. It is very healthy to talk to yourself or think loud. I am definitely doing it right now. lol.

Relax ^_^Health Question & Answer

I do it all the time when i'm alone, but I also do it around other people sometimes, but more of a 'thinking out loud' kinda thing. :DHealth Question & Answer

me in fact I don't just talk to myself I'll sit there pretending I'm a celebesty and I'm doing an interview... nut before u think I'm crazy let me tell u.... I'm getting it in control.... and no I'm not insane just weird!!!!!!Health Question & Answer

Yes.I talk to myself but alone and not aloud...I just keep on imagination breaks its barriers and I enter a new world of just mine......actually I'm a crazy daydreamer too.....Health Question & Answer

when I'm alone , I talk to myself and laugh at myself .

just when I'm alone though . :) .Health Question & Answer

I talk to myself constantly, and I'm not mentally ill. least, I don't think I am.Health Question & Answer

yes i do that ..when iam alone ..i think its common but i dont do in front of people they will definetely think me madHealth Question & Answer

i do talk to myself wen i'm frustrated...but not all the time though!!!Health Question & Answer

i do a lil but not very muchHealth Question & Answer

i do....Health Question & Answer

i doHealth Question & Answer

i ldo it a lot and not always when alone either lol.Health Question & Answer

i am a little reserved typo..
so i do this..all the time..:)Health Question & Answer

I do...when I am depressedHealth Question & Answer

i wit u. dint worry lots of people do it.if you start arguing then you re in troubleHealth Question & Answer

i don't. my friend talks to herself during exams. its hilarious.Health Question & Answer

yup.. i do... sumtimes....Health Question & Answer

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