Sleep talking everynight... why?!

Question: Sleep talking everynight... why.?
what causes sleep talking.?

for the last 2 nights I wake my husband up because I start talking a mile a min...

the first night it happened i started off swearing! haha. I was actualy asking him why he was in bed.. followed by "What the Hell.?.? What the hell!!.?"
he told me stop swearing! and i remember thinking that was mean.. lol

the next night the same thing... but i was talking about presents and "where are all the presents.? we always have presents in the bed.? where did they go.?.?"

my husband had a good laugh at that!

he says its because i feel him moving on the other side and that starts me talking.. i think its sooo funny. i always wake up after feeling sooooo confused!

i never use to be like this... so why is it happening now.?
what do you think.? :)Health Question & Answer

This could be caused by a number of factors such as medication, stress, or health... There are different stages of sleep... right before you dose off your awake mind is still 75% awake and 25% of your mind is dosing off. You then progress to about 50/50 and further on. When you're still partially awake is when dreams are the most vivid, and since you still have use of your motor skills, this is when people sleep walk/talk, flail around. Throughout the night you will go in and out of deeper/lighter sleep. So if you are talking more than usual that means you are not resting deeply as much. I would look at what could be causing that... Drinking too much caffeine close to bedtime, working out, stress, new medication, anxiety, hormones... numerous things. However, it's normal to sleep talk, even I do it occasionally. So if you are feeling refreshed in the morning and it isn't bothering you, I wouldn't worry about it.Health Question & Answer

My boys and I all sleep walk and talk. We, mainly, do it when we are stressed or worried. How about you.? Stressed.? Worried.? Anxious.?Health Question & Answer

I can't tell you why you are sleep talking but my husband is a sleep-talker and I get a good laugh out of it too...I love telling him the next morning the random nonsensical things that come out of his mouth. I've noticed it happens more when he's really tired and falls asleep fast.

One time I was really sick with the flu and was not sleeping well...but I was just laying in bed not moving...all of a sudden my hubby rolled over elbowed me hard in the rib cage and told me to "shut up" (in French...which even though we're both bilingual we never speak in French to each other...only at work)...he then rolled back over and continued snoring...he had no memory of doing this to me...

It was really funny but he felt bad cause he realized he could actually have hurt me unwillingly.Health Question & Answer

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