Can u get sick from crying to much?!

Question: Can u get sick from crying to much.?
i was crying all yesterday my best friend is moving and me and my boyfriend and me broke up. can that make u sick.? bc i fell really sick.Health Question & Answer

It's more so stress. That's what i noticed when i cry a lot, because i get an upset stomach and I don't feel very well..
Just take a deep breath, i know it's hard but you can get through it. And don't forget to smile :)
Boyfriends you can get over, but never lose your BF :)Health Question & Answer

The sickness might because your scared or worried because of your mate and your bf, i dont think crying LOADS will help aswell, because tears contains tiny amount of salt (not like from a shop or anything, like your body's salt) and that salt might be quite low, i would do somethingto keep your mind off it.. :)Health Question & Answer

See if you cry for too long, you lose your emotional balance. And when that happens, you are exposed to many things. I am giving you a practical opinion.

Heath doesn't simply relate to physical fitness. It has a lot to do with a sound mind as well, and a constantly depressed person will be more exposed to risks. [Besides, depression in itself is a disease].

Try to overcome the situation refer to people, look on the internet, I'm sure things will get better.

Good Luck.Health Question & Answer

It feels that way. All the emotion that builds up and then all that comes out, it can affect your body. I usually get headaches. You're not physically sick, you're emotionally tired. Just drink water and relax. Everything will be okay.Health Question & Answer

things have had happen 2 me and i can cry 4 family says it can cause depression.I think that that is the only thing that can happen im not sure.Health Question & Answer

umm i really dont think so. ur emotions are probly just so stressed that ur feeling sick to ur stomach. this happens to me sometimesHealth Question & Answer

No. It's not unusual to feel sick when your crying a lot, I did when my cat died. Sorry about your boyfriend/your best friend moving.Health Question & Answer

Yes, sometimes when you cry to much it can make your stomach hurt or even worse, vomitingHealth Question & Answer

Not really, its likely your emotions are making you feel that way.Health Question & Answer

crying can make u let go of ur emotions.
but then again, too much of anything is not good.Health Question & Answer

Not at all. It's good too cry. It gets your emotions out. It helps.
speaking of helps...hope I helps!!!
AudreyHealth Question & Answer

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