What do blind people see?!

Question: What do blind people see.?
I know they can't really see like you and me...
is everything they see like darkness, like when you close your eyes really tight. I don't know how to explain this lol.
And what do their eyes look like.? since they most of the time wear glasses.
My friends dog is blind and the dogs eyes are like white and glazed over looking. Is that what blind peoples eyes look like.?
Sorry if this makes no sense or is rude in any way.
Please and thank you!Health Question & Answer

i understand, i think it's an interesting question. there's heaps of different kinds of blindness, and many different reasons as well, so you can't really have a simple answer. sounds like your friend's dog has cataracts, which is a whitish growth around the eye. quite common in people and animals, but not the only reason for being blind. as far as i know, it depends on the degree and the type of blindness - if they're totally blind then i think they just experience what seeing people call darkness. other types of blindness means that some people can distinguish fuzzy shapes, or maybe some colours, or maybe they can only see something if it's right in front of them and 5 inches from their face. you could make friends with a blind person, and then see if you feel comfortable enough to ask them directly about anything visual that they might have experienced or if you can look at their eyes without their glasses on. but this might be offensive to some people, blind and seeing, because the only reason that you made friends with them would be because they're blind. but on the other hand, some people might think it is good that you're interested - as long as you're not just morbidly curious about certain bodily functions.
i also understand that their other senses are heightened - their senses of smell, hearing, touch, and taste is stronger than someone who can see normally. these other four senses are stronger as a way to try to make up for the lack of visual information.Health Question & Answer

Well, sometimes a blind person sees just pitch black or they see very blurry so they prefer to keep there eyes closed. They wear glasses because they get a very hazy color that may frighten some people and usually they have an eye that wanders off. Your friends dog may or may not be able to see but you really can't tell unless you ask.

And your question isn't rude, it just is out of curiousity.Health Question & Answer

Sounds like a question I would askHealth Question & Answer

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