What can I do to get rid of a caffine addiction?!

Question: What can I do to get rid of a caffine addiction.?
I've tried to tell my mom but she just thinks I'm joking and laughs. If I don't have coffee, I feel so weak and my head starts to hurt occasionally as well. I often feel kind of light-headed and have pressure on my forehead. (I thought that was my sinuses but I'm pretty sure it's not)

I had coffee yesterday... A lot of it. Now, I feel like I have to go to the coffee shop before I go do my community service! Is there anything I can do to stop being addicted.? And make the withdrawal symptoms go away.?Health Question & Answer

The symptoms you describe are common in caffiene withdrawal.

You can go cold turkey, but you will experience the symptoms you describe for a week or so. You could also try just tapering off the amount you drink, like getting a 'half-caff' at the coffee shop or drinking only half of the usual amount for a week, then drink only half of the half-caff, then stop all together.

Don't forget, though, that other sources of caffiene can be contributing, like soda, tea, etc.Health Question & Answer

Just stop... You'll feel like utter crap for a week, but after that you won't feel like drinking coffee.

same thing happened to me and world of warcraft. once i felt like i was addicted, i immediately uninstalled the game and stopped for a week. after a week, i didn't really feel like play world of warcraft.

it's all about that one step, throw it away and stop for a week. after that you're good.Health Question & Answer

Start cutting back the intake gradualy until you finally don't need it anymore.Health Question & Answer

Start drinking less of it and then you'll get use to not having a lot of caffeine.Health Question & Answer

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