How to get rid of bronchitis without antibiotics?!

Question: How to get rid of bronchitis without antibiotics.?
my boyfriend has bronchitis, he does not have medical insurance so he cant go to the doctor, he got it from me i had it last month and my doc gave me antibiotics for it is there a way for him to get rid of it without the antibiotics.?Health Question & Answer

Guaifenesin. In generic or brand name Mucinex. Really cheap and has been around forever. Take one 600mg tablet every 4-6 hours. Drink lots of fluid with this as it works using the water in your body to thin secretions in the lungs and sinuses. My ENT put me on this for severe sinus headaches. Essentially it works in the lungs as an expectorant. Helping you cough all the gunk up. Remember the fluids, the more you drink the better it works. Sinus drainage can cause chest problems such as bronchitis. Use Zyrtec as a sinus allergy preventative. Get the generic, its cheaper.Health Question & Answer

You could do a steady dose of mucinex, sudafed and tylenol to attempt to drain it, but he really needs antibiotics to stop the infection from turning into pneumonia. Have him go to a Walk-In clinic and see if the doctor has samples of medication he can give him since he does not have insurance.Health Question & Answer

Hmmmm......prednizone should work, if any of your family might have some of that lying around (most people who have asthma will).Health Question & Answer

put it on his face. those juices should clear his throat. speaking from experience!!!!!Health Question & Answer

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