HELP PLEASE!!!! scared =[?!

Question: HELP PLEASE!!!! scared =[.?
under my chin, like towards the back of my jaw, going towards my neck, inside get these soar swollen things sometimes. They hurt when i touch them...anyone know what is there like lymph notes or gland or something. What do you think i should do.? besides go to the doctor because im gunna do that, but i dont know if i should freak outHealth Question & Answer

Sure is. your right on the money... they are called Glands. If they are swollen it could be because of allergies... or something more serious.

Like strep throat. Look in the back of your throat and make sure there are no pussy white pockets on it. But you should however go to the doctor to keep this from getting worse. There is NO self medication for Strep. :D

hope this helps!Health Question & Answer

yeah i had those after i had the flu. Go to the doc and they will gove you antibiotics thats all you need. It wont go away on its own though!Health Question & Answer

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