I faint very easily, why?!

Question: I faint very easily, why.?
I have fainted when I was really surprised, when I was very, very scared and also when I have seen something horribly gross. Why could this be.? I eat properly. I'm a 16 year old female. None of my other friends faint that easily unless they are sick or deprived of food. Thanks for answering.Health Question & Answer

Shock, or being suprised, being grossed out, and also being scared are causes of fainting. Sometimes thing just make you sick to your stomach then if it gets more extreme you can faint. You are probably just more sensitive then youre friends.

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You may have diabetes or just low blood pressure. I passed out unexpectedly a few months ago (I hadn't eaten enough that day, apparently) and the first things they checked were my blood pressure & blood sugar. Low blood pressure can be caused by not enough proper food, a diet very low in sodium, or just genetics. Hope that helps.Health Question & Answer

Maybe you are just tired, and stuff. Or maybe yes. You need to eat more food if you faint that way.Health Question & Answer

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