Why am i sleeping sooo much???!

Question: Why am i sleeping sooo much.?.?.?
Im a freshman and everyday after school i take a nap for 3-4 hours! This barely leaves me time to do my homework, take a shower, watch tv or do anything. I was in swim and i always took naps then because swimming makes me sleepy and i was exhausted but im not doing any sports right now, why do i sleep so much.?Health Question & Answer

Is it possible you are depressed> Sleeping alot is a symptom of anxiety and or depression. If you don't think this is the issue for you, then I would wonder about any other symptoms. No sore throats, headaches, fever.? That makes mono unlikely. It may simply be a bad pattern/habit carried over from your post-swimming schedule. Taking a daily nap becomes a pattern, your body has become used to it and so will prepare for sleep at 4pm, because that's what you have been doing for so long! The best solution is to start to retrain your internal clock to a more normal sleeping pattern so that you can do away with the naps. You need to not allow yourself to take that nap, don't do the things that you normally do right before napping, ie; lay down on the couch, turn on the tv etc. Force yourself to do something, go for a bike ride, go swim, go to the mall.. pretty much anything that avoids the couch or bed! You then need to stick with a bedtime routine and keep a regular time to go to sleep-lights, camera, computer, phones all off! And on the other end you need to get up at the same time each morning. With a small amount of time following this type of schedule your body will adjust and stop needing that nap. If this doesn't solve your problem after 2 weeks then you may want to consult your Dr. to rule out any other possible causes. If you feel that depression may be an issue, don't hesitate to seek help from your Dr.Health Question & Answer

Oversleeping makes you sleepy too, I use to sleep until one and still was felt like I could sleep for days so try not taking naps. Or maybe it's just a habit.Health Question & Answer

its possibly just a habit.
either that or you stay away often and your catching up on your sleep day by day.Health Question & Answer

your just lazyHealth Question & Answer

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