Is this bad or good if it is bad what should i do?!

Question: Is this bad or good if it is bad what should i do.?
I Have scoliosis and i am starting to have real bad pain when i take in a deep breath and little pain when i take in a normal breath and i also get dizzy when i breathe in and my legs are going numbHealth Question & Answer

Hi! I have scoliosis also and i ended up getting harrington rods put in b/c my back got really bad!
OK I don't know the degree of your curve sooo it kinda depends on that!
But either way if your legs are going numb than ah-bivoulsy that isn't a good sign. Before i got the harrington rods put in after i always ran, when i took a deep breath i would get very bad pain in my back area. When i went to see the doc about my back they would always ask me if i ever felt numbness in my legs, cuz thats a sign something is getting cut off.
So know you are not alone and many people, including me, have been through, or going through wat you are experiencing!
Go to the doc! and email me if you have any more questions!
my email is susan.gibson86@yahoo.comHealth Question & Answer

experiencedHealth Question & Answer

Hey you need to go see a doctor tomarrow because this could be leading to something serious! The doctor will probly give you some pain killers. Do you smoke.?Health Question & Answer

c a doctor!Health Question & Answer

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