Why is my nose either always runny or clogged?!

Question: Why is my nose either always runny or clogged.?
this has been happening for the past month or so; there have been no changes in my life and i don't have other cold/flu symptoms. arg!!Health Question & Answer

allergies,usually worse in spring,when things are blooming,and l8 fall when fallen leaves are rotting.ur dr can give u a prescription for nasal sprays and pills to deal with seasonal allergies.yes-allergies can suddenly occur at any time in ur life,even if u never reacted b4.with food allergies,u can eat shrimp a million times,no problem,then one day,ur mouth feels fuzzy and tingly-thats the begining.if u ever eat shrimp after that tingling,all of a sudden,ur throat can close up!(anaphylaxis0this is the same for pollen allergies-they can just suddenly occur.relax,pollen allergies arent fatal,as food allergies can be-just annoying!but meds can help u cope,esp'lly nasal sprays,see a dr,u need a prescription.over the counter sprays can make it worse good luck!Health Question & Answer

You probably have a slight cold

something that helps is stuff that you rub on your chest then smell

that clears up mine usuallyHealth Question & Answer

Some people don't develop allergies until later in life.Health Question & Answer

Things in the air. Things are blooming out outside.Health Question & Answer

Same here. More like dripping water.Health Question & Answer

buggersHealth Question & Answer

its pollen season! maybe you have a little allergy to pollen, its normal. dont worry :)Health Question & Answer

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