What is this? Mature answers please?!

Question: What is this.? Mature answers please.?
In my armpits, i have something that looks like acne. they are inflamed red bumps that are pretty hard, but not tooo hard. i put this lotion on my right armpit and it is almost cleared up, but the left one hasn't. It has a little puss in it, and dry skin all around it. Wen i push on it it turns red and sometimes bleeds a tiny bit. it's like dry skin with little bumps in a few places, then one big bump that comes out of my skin. it doesn't hurt unless i push on it, and i don't shave yet. I have had it for about two years, but i want it cleared up by this summer, because i have to get into bathing suits. And also, what is it and how do i get rid of it.? is it from my deodorant.? I use Dove stuff.Health Question & Answer

you know, its possible that you have ingrown hairs. (sorry if this is a bit graphic) its when your hair grows in a curve and pierces your skin and grows into it. then when you shave it the end stuck in your skin is still there, which can be irritating and you get a bump. if you look close, you might see a little hair coming out of it. you have to pluck this. if its not ingrown hairs, it sounds inflamed. take advil or ibuprofen. it is an anti inflammatory, and that might help. also, you can just put an ice pack on it, which may make them a little less irritated. you may want to try neosporin, as they may just be little cuts that got infected. or it is a rash, in which case benadryl would be best. try all of these, and if none of them help, visit a doctor.Health Question & Answer

Could be ingrown hairs. You can put something like hydrocortisone cream on your armpits to make them hurt less. If it's from dry skin, lotion, especially lotion with mild alpha-hydroxy acids (Eucerin has some good body lotion) to exfoliate might help, because the lotion soothes while getting rid of dead skin cells on top. Talk to your dermatologist about it, he or she can help you out for sure.Health Question & Answer

you need to use "Clotrimazole & Betamethasone Dipropionate Cream"
or "Balmex" either one of these will clear it up, for further prevention
try to keep the area washed and clean it would also be better if air can
get to your armpits to keep out moisture. Use a spray deodorant if you must use deodorant.Health Question & Answer

umm, its probly a pimple. ive got one too. Pimples usualy dont go away for a while, but i'm not sure if its for that long,..... i would go see you doctor, it might be a wart....Health Question & Answer

sorry, but i hope this helps.Health Question & Answer

A dermatologist would be the person to ask.Health Question & Answer

Do you have armpit sex.? It could be armpit herpes.Health Question & Answer

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