POLL: How many girls pee in the shower?!

Question: POLL: How many girls pee in the shower.?
Several girls at work were talking about how disgusting it is (peeing in shower) and put "death threats" on their bf's/husbands if they THOUGHT of peeing in the shower. They said it was smelly and unsanitary. I didn't speak up, for fear of being thought odd, but realistically, urine is sterile when it comes out, and doesn't have a chance to stagnate when washed right down the drain. Why would this stink up the bathroom.? Am I the only female who doesn't think this is gross.? I don't pee in pools or bathwater, but I do almost every day in the shower.Health Question & Answer

Haha well i do sometimes; if i have to pee that is. I mean its gross if you're talking a bath because you would be sitting in it, but its stupid to get straight out of the shower and go pee in the toilet. Either way your pee is going down the drain; so it doesn't matter at all. Wow i can't beleive these other women are talking about how gross it is. Stupid.Health Question & Answer

ha, i do it once in awhile i did that 4 showers ago, lol. and so do several teenagers, its mostly common and uncommon for different woman. but many people do pee in the shower regularly because, when i was in a different country there were no toilets and there was a hole in teh ground so its common in other countries.Health Question & Answer

My friends always say EWW whoever pees in the shower is disgusting. I obviously go along with it so they don't bag me, but honestly I do and ITS NOT A BIG DEAL RIGHT.?
It's perfectly normal and you're right, it just gets washed down the drain.Health Question & Answer

Yeah I do, but if its a number 2 I go to the loo. I do it because theres a drain and its convenient, instead of getting out of the shower and onto the loo, I do it in the shower.Health Question & Answer

I agree with you. I don't try to go in the shower, but if I feel the need, I go. I don't see what the big deal is.Health Question & Answer

I pee in the shower when I have to. The pipes all go to the same place.Health Question & Answer

My father-in-law said peeing in the shower will keep you from getting athlete's foot. Don't know if it's true, but what's it going to hurt.?Health Question & Answer

i think it makes sense, and it doesnt smell or bother anyone, it just goes down the drain with everything else.Health Question & Answer

Screw them folks at work. its not gross if you gotta go then go. and yes i do pee in the shower.Health Question & Answer

If i have to go while i'm in the shower than yes otherwise i try t go before i hop in thereHealth Question & Answer

personally i dont all the time but have dne it a few times.Health Question & Answer

I DO!!!!!!! TEEHEE ^_^Health Question & Answer

it feelz gooodddd... >_<... and your right, its ammonia..its sterileHealth Question & Answer

No. I go before I get in or once I get out.Health Question & Answer

ewww, i don't,, i go before i take a shower.Health Question & Answer

Well, doesn't everyone anyone who says they don't are lyingHealth Question & Answer

EWW NOBODY DOES THATHealth Question & Answer

if you have to go .. go ... its going straight down the drainHealth Question & Answer

I do.Health Question & Answer

haha i pee in the shower...the water makes me goooHealth Question & Answer

Like a lot!Health Question & Answer

NONE!!!!!Health Question & Answer

eww i never peed in the shower ..Health Question & Answer

only if i really have to go and then after id scrub my legs lolHealth Question & Answer

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