Why do I have tingling in my face?!

Question: Why do I have tingling in my face.?
Every now and then I get this pins and needles sensation on the right side of my mouth and I then get a muscle twitch, which makes it look like I'm half smiling for a second. Then it goes away. It is not something that I can resist and it does not last for very long. It's as though it builds up and when it's done, it goes away. I do not remember ever having this problem when I was little. I am healthy but it is only some times when I get this. I know someone else who gets this as well. Does anyone know what this could be.? When I get muslce twitches on other areas of my body, I do not have the pins and needles sensation.Health Question & Answer

something you may want to discuss with your MD to be on the safe side.Health Question & Answer

Maybe you have Tourettes.....I'm not saying I have it but that problem you've got seems real odd heh..............

Go to your doctor and ask what the problem may be......It could maybe even have to do with a teeth or mouth problem.......It could maybe be a bad injection or something.....
Maybe even a stroke..........Health Question & Answer

In my expert opinion, you either had a stroke, have a brain tumor, or have tourettes.Health Question & Answer

:)Health Question & Answer

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