How to stand up for large amount of hours?!

Question: How to stand up for large amount of hours.?
I just got a job as a teller in a bank, and the bank that I work in doesnt have any chairs so you are supposed to stand for like 9 hours each day.

Stand and not move just accept transactions and even if there are no customers on the line there are no chairs to sit on...

What are some the tips on how I can be able to stand for like 9 hours each day 5 days straight.?Health Question & Answer

I agree with the person who said to prop your feet up one at a time. I'm a cashier at Lowe's, and we have to stand for 8+ hours a day, so I do understand how you feel. Comfortable shoes also help. Try some inserts for shoes. [are you gellin'] couldn't resist, sorry.Health Question & Answer

stand up for 9 hours.?! damn and 5 days straight.?!! men i dont know wat i would do but if i had to do the job i would at least sit on the floor if there no customers if there isn't any cameras where the boss is watching you lol. is there a TV.? you can watch it or bring an electronic device to have fun with is there is people to talk would help you too. one of my teachers drink about 5 mountain dews at school to keep going on, you can do the same thing, get some caffeine, drink pop or if you like coffee.Health Question & Answer

It can help if you can put one foot at a time up on a very small stool, alternating which foot you put up. I can't remember how high the stool needs to be. I think something just three or four inches off the ground can help.Health Question & Answer

most important, comfortable shoes. They should give you a stool or something or perhaps a cushioned mat designed for people who stand all day like cashiers.Health Question & Answer

Eat moreHealth Question & Answer

Surprisingly, the Full Throttle coffee drinks are excellence painkillers. I'm not sure if it's the caffeine or the vitamins in it, but they really do help. The vanilla are the best as far as I'm concerned. I drink one on the way to work and one at first break and thats all it takes for me. I work 11-12 hour shifts at Tyson foods and like you, I'm standing all day. I also suggest getting the Dr. Scholls gel insole for your shoes. Keep your knees slightly bent (keeping them straight pinches off your circulation) and stretch when necessary.Health Question & Answer

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