Would it be unproffesional for any kind of nurse to wear this?!

Question: Would it be unproffesional for any kind of nurse to wear this.?

Any nurse from psych nurse to a office nurse to the e.r. nurse.?Health Question & Answer

I'd wear it! I just happen to have two cats, and I think it's really pretty! I don't see how could offend anyone. :)Health Question & Answer

Nurse.Health Question & Answer

I don't think it's unprofessional. It's a nice little clip.
And wow, hecka great close up in that enlargement!
Nice piece. Get it.Health Question & Answer

It's adorable! It could distract a patient from their misery and cheer them up. That's why they make scrub tops with cute pictures on them, so go for it!Health Question & Answer


i thought it was gunnah be huge rediculously provocative outfit or something.

thats fine. its in your hair. seriously doubt anybody will even notice it to be honest..Health Question & Answer

I wouldn't think so as long at it is worn in an u nprofessional way, I.E holding your hair so that it covers your eyes or something .Health Question & Answer

I can't understand what would be considered unprofessional about a simple hair clip.Health Question & Answer

no. before i had my baby (7 months) i was a oncology nurse in hospitol.Health Question & Answer

not unprofessional at all, just cute!!!Health Question & Answer

Don't think so. It's like wearing a hair clip I guess.Health Question & Answer

Its a hair clip, who cares.?Health Question & Answer

no.Health Question & Answer

no.Health Question & Answer

I don't see why. You could probably get matching scrubs for it.Health Question & Answer

no,,,,,, express your selfHealth Question & Answer

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