What do i do about my anxiety?!

Question: What do i do about my anxiety.?
I suffered with really bad anxiety from ages 13-17. I eventually saw a therapist for it and she helped me get through it, I ended up beating the rest on my own.
Whatever seems scary, face it. Because if you don't find out whether the situation was scary or not in the end, it'll always scare you. It might not even be that big a deal, but unrealistic thoughts blow up in the middle of an anxiety attack.
Think of evidence for your thoughts, and evidence against it.

The people across the street are going to beat me up.
Evidence for: They're pushing each other around, that means they could do that to me.
Evidence against: They're probably just playing around and having a good time. If they haven't done anything yet, then why would they in three minutes.?

Think realistic thoughts, and try the evidence for and against, it worked with me, and it might work with you.
If anxiety is getting so bad that you can't leave your house without being shoved out by someone, then you may need to see a therapist.

Hopefully it helped, and good luck (Y)Health Question & Answer

Exercise is the best thing for anxiety, no joke. It releases endorphins and all that. Plus it makes you less self conscious about yourself so you are more confident. It may not cure your anxiety 100% by any means, but it does help a lot and is worth a try... There are other things you can do as well such as relaxation techniques and avoiding certain foods (especially caffeine).

If you do all these little things it really adds up and will help significantly... Just stay away from the benzodiazepines. They're addictive, and prescribed way too often because of doctors who are getting bonuses every time they write a prescriptionHealth Question & Answer

I used to have really bad anxiety.Health Question & Answer

Get an evaluation from a counselor or some type of mental health center.
You may have anxiety that needs to be treated with medication, talk therapy, or another type.
Anxiety will usually not go away on its own unless you treat it.
if it is interfering with your life go see your doctor or a counselor.
Good luck!Health Question & Answer

I have a generalized anxiety disorder and treat it with talk therapy and medication.Health Question & Answer

Stop watering it.

Rather than focus on your anxiety, focus on what you can be comfortable with or grateful for. Rather than focus on yourself, focus on other people. You can't do two things at once, so replace the thoughts you have that make you anxious with ones that bring you comfort.Health Question & Answer

There are a few thing you need to do:
1, See your doctorand get some blood tests. You may be having a hormone imbalance.
2. Start a good balanced fitness routine. Exercise relaxes you. Start walking, jogging, join the gym, etc.
3. Meditation also helps relax you. Join the yoga class or any form of pilates.
4. Work on your Spirituality.

Take care of yourself.Health Question & Answer

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is that when u feel like you cant talk. if it it is feel like that all the time. once i just relaxe and have fun it goes away.
if it means hyper then try runningHealth Question & Answer

Which anxiety.? A little more info might result in more instructive responses.

Try getting drunk. Or, maybe try an antidepressant.Health Question & Answer

if it gets to bad and you have attacks all the time go see a doctor he or she will prescribe you xanax or some kind of antidepressant to check out more about xanax go here http://www.drugs.com/xanax.htmlHealth Question & Answer

I don't know your age, but anxiety is the worst! Please see your doctor and get the help you need.
Bless you and good luck! :)Health Question & Answer

Nurse.Health Question & Answer

I try to stop what Im doing and focus my thoughts and breath to snap out of it. I dont allow it to take over me.Health Question & Answer

stop being anxious about having anxiety, and you won't have anxiety.Health Question & Answer

oh gosh, first kno ur not alone i have major anxieties as well.
just take deep breaths and talk to a counsler good luckHealth Question & Answer

just stop worrying about it and maybe it would go awayHealth Question & Answer

ideasHealth Question & Answer

its all goodHealth Question & Answer

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