Help quitting ecstasy?!

Question: Help quitting ecstasy.?
So i've been taking ecstasy for about 2 months. I'm still in high school. And I like taking it because it helps me become more open and confident when talking to people which is sometime that is hard for me to do while sober because i'm a shy person. I want to quit because I recently experienced a bad trip, but I keep telling myself that I need it in order to be sociable. How have any ex-ecstasy go through quitting successfully.?Health Question & Answer

I am an ex ebaby. I rolled about twice a week for 5 months. F***ed up my shortterm memory for awhile.

Its not that hard to quit. Its really bad for you anyways. All of the s**t that could be in it like ampethamines, usually methamphetamines, caffiene, execedrin,etc.

MDMA, is actually not addicting really. Less addicting than LSD and you rarely see anybody addicted to acid.

You are probably just experincing some depression from lack of serotinin, thus making you think you need it to become more sociable and confident. But you don't.

If you really want to continue rolling however, I suggest you buy a test kit. You can get one at

If I were you I would take a break.
You body/brain probably needs it..

PLUR (:Health Question & Answer

Sounds like you're gonna need professional help. Start by going to a school counselor and seeing what programs are offered for drug addiction recovery. You can also look up your local NA Meetings (Narcotics Anonymous) which will offer you a support group of people who have been through the same thing. They may even have one specially for teens, depending where you live. I think rehab would be a bit extreme at this point, so I'm not going to recommend that. And remember, the longer you continue to take it, the more dependent you will become. I'm sure you're a better person when you're not under the influence anyway, even if you're less outgoing. Good luck in your recovery!Health Question & Answer

I just really sat down an realized that it was doing me no good. Although it did make me feel more confident at the time, afterwords I felt less so. In fact, I felt like crap. I asked friends for support and all this helped me quit.Health Question & Answer

I'm sorry, I hope you are able to find the help you need! also you do not need to take drugs to make yourself feel more sociable. That will only make things worse. Good luck.Health Question & Answer

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