Would it be better/easier for a E.R. nurse to wear...?!

Question: Would it be better/easier for a E.R. nurse to wear....?
choose which ever ring you like, just don't wear it to work.

i worked in ER for 13 years, and am missing part of a finger from a VERY modest plain band getting hooked on a gurney transporting a patient from one room to another. you know how fast we move....

my gold stadard.? never wear ANYTHING to work at ER which can get hooked on anything, or get ripped out by a meth addict.Health Question & Answer

I have worked ER many a year. I will tell you is better to never wear rings while working. I can honestly say that of all the years I have worked and still work as a nurse that I do not wear rings. Besides the obvious reasons I feel is not professional nor safe for the patient or the nurse.Health Question & Answer

Well...probably the first one, but I wouldn't recommend wearing any at all. It's way too easy to get stuff on it and too good a place for germs to hide, not to mention you could lose it, have it stolen if you set it down, etc.Health Question & Answer

The first seems like it would be easiest to clean and least likely to catch on gloves and such.Health Question & Answer

the first one because it looks like it wouldnt get snagged on something so easily.Health Question & Answer

the first one, it seems the least likely to puncture a pair of latex glovesHealth Question & Answer

first picHealth Question & Answer

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