Could it be possible for me to still be feeling effects of THC?!

Question: Could it be possible for me to still be feeling effects of THC.?
i smoke very rarely, this was the first time in a few months. i smoked some marijuana about 3 days ago and ive been feeling a little weird since. ill feel dizzy, lightheaded, weak, shaky, and sluggish, almost like im a little high and it will last anywhere from 1 to 4 hours. it comes and goes. i know its not in my head. i didnt smoke much only about two or three hits. could it be from the weed or is it just that im getting sick.?Health Question & Answer

Absolutely it could be from the weed. Everyone reacts in completely different ways to all sorts of drugs.

Weed being the most harmless of all drugs (in my opinion), you would not think it could do this, but it sounds like times I've had before. I would say it's emitting these shitty feeling "auras" for you, even a few days after.

No, it wasn't laced, and no, it's not permanent. Just rest up, drink some good fluids, and you'll be back to normal in no time.Health Question & Answer

Recovering alcoholic and addictHealth Question & Answer

ehh, i'm pretty sure it's not from the weed.
i mean, i've smoked a lot, on and off and i've never had those kind of effects after 3 days.
you might want to see a doctor and get a check up or something.Health Question & Answer

I kinda doubt it's from the weed. There could have been something in the weed, but I sort of doubt that too... You might just be getting sickHealth Question & Answer

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