Is it dangerous to swallow a lot of air?!

Question: Is it dangerous to swallow a lot of air.?
Please help. I am a very nervous person and I have a phobia of vomiting. I sometimes swallow a lot of air when I eat and drink and stuff. I keep having this weird "almost burp" inside of me and I just can't burp. It is so retarded. I think I have OCD.Health Question & Answer

you wont do any harm to yourself if you swallow air, and i get the "almost burp" sometimes too. annoying isnt it.? and fairly uncomfortable if its there long enough. best way to get rid of it is to giggle ALOT (which i seem to do a fair bit of, i swear i must have mad cows disease, lol). maybe get someone to tickle you, it could help.

otherwise drink something fizzy, like lemonade, reasonably quickly (a small cup with no breaths, a small cup being an inch or two deep).

good luckHealth Question & Answer

I've swallowed air to the point of being unable to swallow anymore multiple times (I was a bored kid), and haven't suffered any adverse effects. I tend to swallow air when I feel that 'almost burp' so that I can try burping it out, and again, no side effects. I wouldn't worry about it.Health Question & Answer

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