Why im i getting nose bleeds?!

Question: Why im i getting nose bleeds.?
i have been having nose bleeds for the last 2 weeks i dont do coke i dont rough play and im get worried becuase i dont no what to do im going to go to the doctors next week but i wanna just see if it will go away please help...Health Question & Answer

That's pretty normal all my brother and his two daughters are always getting nose bleeds. I guess they have a sensitive nose because whenever I light a candle or spray anything that's fruity his nose starts to bleed. also whenever something touches there noses or hit there noses or anything put's a little pressure on there nose they start to bleed from there noses . That's really weird but I guess it's a family trait or heredity or something.Health Question & Answer

Its very common,the cause is usually a weak walled blood vessel inside your hooter.Could be cauterised and sealed if the problem persistsHealth Question & Answer

I know these things.Health Question & Answer

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