Can you get high from sound(s)?!

Question: Can you get high from sound(s).?
I saw a preview on the news, but missed it. Couldn't find the story online either.Health Question & Answer

There are things called binaural brainwave synchronizers , such as the much used I-Doser that claim to be able to make u feel certain ways with sound. Now for me personally i do not feel like the drug they describe im supposed to feel im on but i do get various physical and mental sensations tht each one has a different feel from it, not a good substitute for drugs but can be very interesting and if you have never done drugs it can be enjoyable but its just not the same, if you wish to look into it simply go to and review their testimonials and you can get further informationHealth Question & Answer

I-Doser and my experiances with I-DoserHealth Question & Answer

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