Huffing white out.........?!

Question: Huffing white out..........?
ok my friend died about 3 weeks ago from huffing white out and i have been wondering this how do you huff white out i just don't understand
if she was huffing it wouldn't she have gotten it on her nose and someone have realized something was going on
so how does one huff white out

PS i DON'T WANT TO HUFF i am simply curiousHealth Question & Answer

please don't huff, i hope you're serious... but people put it in a paper bag and breathe it in and out.Health Question & Answer

Huffing means inhaling the fumes from chemicals to get high. People do this with all kinds of crap from white out to gasoline. It kills you because the fumes displace the oxygen in your lungs eventually suffocating you.Health Question & Answer

I'm really sorry to hear about your friend.
There are several ways to "huff"
She could have simply held the bottle or the brush under her nose and inhaled the fumes.
Remember "curiousity killed the cat"Health Question & Answer

Experience in illegal activities ;)Health Question & Answer

A boy in my son's class at school painted white out in his nostrils and apparently no one ever said a word to him ...the boy eventually said he was a cat. I guess the white out affected his brain.Health Question & Answer

constant inhaling.Health Question & Answer

i'm sorry about your friend. please don't do this or wonder howHealth Question & Answer

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