What just happened with my contacts?!

Question: What just happened with my contacts.?
so i have been wearing contact lenses for a while now and something weird happened today.. I was taking the left one out and I suddenly felt a pain, as if the lense went to the back of my eye. I managed to get it out but I couldn't open, especially, move it (at all) or it would hurt.. It felt as if my eyelid folded or something.. It hurts really bad.. what's wrong.?Health Question & Answer

You probably tore the contact lense which can cause some pain. I've been wearing contact lenses for years and I would say it is normal to occasionally tear them or get something in your eye that will cause pain but it isn't anything to worry about as long as you get the contact out and your eye stops hurting soon after it is out. If it still hurts in the morning then go to your eye doctor.

If you did tear it, then you need to throw it away. If you aren't sure, then put it in in the morning and if it hurts remove it and throw it away.Health Question & Answer

I don't know.

Call your doctor as soon as possible.Health Question & Answer

oh nasty , i dont know but maybe you should see a doc.?Health Question & Answer

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