Underage drinking; The effects?!

Question: Underage drinking; The effects.?
What are the long-term effects of underage binge drinking occasionally roughly twice a month and if there are any short term effects that are important could you please state any effects of long-term or short-term binge drinking.Health Question & Answer

Drinking with your friends and busting balls, chasing girls, talking smack....is fun but binge drinking, especially at a young age, is a road you want to avoid, even if it's only twice a month at first. You don't want to be the old guy sitting at the bar all day who everyone likes and buys drinks for but no one respects or wants to be. Drink with your friends and laugh but don't binge drink, which you will eventually do alone, and cryHealth Question & Answer

11 years behind the barHealth Question & Answer

I've actually done reasearch on this before.

A number of recent studies have shown that teenagers who abuse alcohol have problems with memory, learning and other brain functions compared with their peers, while animal research suggests such effects could last into adulthood.

also, Long term heavy use of alcohol can lead to addiction known as alcoholism. Combined with poor nutrition and lack of exercise, excessive alcohol use can eventually lead to brain and liver damage.

Some short term effects are dizziness, talkativeness, slurred speech, nausea, and vomiting.Health Question & Answer

As a binge drinker, your longevity will still be intact.. If you decide to move into a more consitent drinking style, there is a chance you can develop " Mohammed Ali Syndrome " ... Look at the Rolling Stones.. They were the best white drug takers ever...Health Question & Answer

HBO Provider, Drinkaholic, Minister of Ratholism 1998 - 2003, Priest of Holy Knights Camp For Demoninations 2003 - PresentHealth Question & Answer

brain damage. looking like an idiot. death. getting arrested. losing memory.Health Question & Answer

seen it all happenHealth Question & Answer

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