Tell me something about A- blood?!

Question: Tell me something about A- blood.?
i have it while no one in my family in the last three generations has itHealth Question & Answer

A and B are co-dominant alleles. For you to have A type blood - you have to have a parent with an A or AB blood type.

Rh negative is a recessive allele - so you have to have two copies (ie -/-) But, it is possible for you to inherit a Rh- allele from someone who is Rh positive, if they are are +/-. So, if neither of your parents is Rh negative, they must both have +/- rhesus alleles. They will then be Rh positive, but their children have a 1 in 4 chance of being Rh negative. Question & Answer

Blood types often depend on recessive genes and therefore don't always transfer from parents to children. It's not unusual to have a blood type different from your parents and grandparents.

A-negative blood is capable of being safely donated to recipients with A or AB type blood, regardless of the sign: that is, your blood can be safely given to someone with A+, A-, AB+, or AB- blood.Health Question & Answer

do you feel like reading:


by the way Im A+Health Question & Answer

You can only get blood from people with negative blood aswell.Health Question & Answer

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