Why Do Feces seem gross & depressing ?!

Question: Why Do Feces seem gross & depressing .?
I was wondering , when i mention the fece to my work mates how come they all think its 'gross' , 'depressing' , 'nasty , with carrots '
( thats what they said )
So why does everyone think feces are so disgusting, where did it all begin .?Health Question & Answer

I think its automatic for people to react that way when dealing with dirty stuffs. Feces are human/animal waste, disgusting and a nuisance.

Hope I helpedHealth Question & Answer

what on earth....? If you are going on about faeces ie poo then yeah most people are grossed out about it as it is our own waste and isn't particulary pleasent. Not sure it's 'depressing' though or the carrots.Health Question & Answer

because.. they smell :)Health Question & Answer

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