What to do about strep throat?!

Question: What to do about strep throat.?
I'm like 99% positive I have strep throat. I started getting it fri afternoon, and now its horrible. I'm going to call the doctor first thing in the moning to get in asap. BUT I have an 8 month old baby. I havent been kissing on him or feeding him with my fork. BUT I heard that strep throat was airborn. Is that true.? I just want to make sure my son or my finace does not get this. also what can I do to make it better till my doc can see me. ive been taking tylenol cold, cause that helps the best.Thanks!!Health Question & Answer

From my experiences with strep throat, I found it got progressively worse even gargling with warm salt water every two hours. I had to get an antibiotic. Try to get to the doctor ASAP. Good Luck!Health Question & Answer

You can't be absolutely sure. Just be real careful. Don't kiss em, wash hands a lot, use hand sanitizer a lot. Don't share towels, wipe door knobs and light switches and that sort of thing with Lysol or alcohol. Fiance should take care of baby for now. When you see the doc ask him for advice too.

Take your antibiotics till they're done. Some people seem to be just prone to strep. I've had it like 10 times, and I don't know of anyone ever catching it from me. People do tend to stay away, though.Health Question & Answer

Most importantly, go to see a doctor to get it treated as soon as possible and stay away from your child if you dont want them to get it!!! It is very easily transferrable. But for the pain, gargle or drink pickle juice. Helps the soreness SO well!Health Question & Answer

experience :)Health Question & Answer

Well my doctor told me strep throat is often caused by to much deep throating.Health Question & Answer

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Take Strepslis?Health Question & Answer

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