Has anyone ever used two nicotine patches at the same time? If so, what were the effects/results?!

Question: Has anyone ever used two nicotine patches at the same time.? If so, what were the effects/results.?
Please, no lectures on smoking in general, or on not following the drug company's warnings. I know them all, and don't want to preached to anymore than society already does.Health Question & Answer

Haven't done the double nicotine patch thing, but I know of something else you may want to try.

Check it out:

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you shouldn't need to do this if you follow the recommended course - using the 21mg patch for a week, then the 14mg patch, then 7mg, etc. You are risking acute nicotine poisoning because it readily enters the bloodstream through nicotine patches. It is true than long-time smokers have a higher tolerance to nicotine, yet if you're using two patches it is still risky, especially if you are continuing to smoke with the patches on! This would likey make a non-smoker very ill. If you are truly not getting results/relief from ONE patch, then you may want to try a medication such as Wellbutrin or Chantix. You may still be able to tolerate the patch AND one of the medications. You could always combine them with something simple like gum (not nicotine gum) or even cigarettes that are termed "smokeless" and are nicotine-free. Use whatever combination works best for you. I have tried several products - patches, lozenges, gum, smokeless cigs, and the patch was best and most tolerable - although I had to remove it at night b/c it resulted in poor sleep and one seriously sore arm. It sounds like you will need two or more different products to help - but this is better than using twice the normal amount of a single product.Health Question & Answer

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Im not sure where I've heard it, but I've heard that two of them will make you nauseous and sick. I wouldn't recommend it.Health Question & Answer

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