Can i take a loratab and advil at the same time?!

Question: Can i take a loratab and advil at the same time.?
i had 3 teeth surgically removed today and i took advil for the swelling but was wondering if it would be ok to take a loratab for the pain at the same timeHealth Question & Answer

You could but I would take them an hour or two apart and with something in your stomach to avoid upset. Health Question & Answer

Yeah, lortab is just tylenol and hydrocodone, and advil is usually naproxen sodium. You should check though. Look on the advil bottle or package and see what the active ingrediant is. If it says naproxen sodium, then yeah its fine. Naproxen sodium helps for 12 hours.Health Question & Answer

advil is IBUPROFEN, lortab is hydrocodone and tylenol, you can take them together but its not going do much, the tylenol and the ibu work use the same receptors so only so much will be absorbed. for the ibu have some food on your stomachHealth Question & Answer

You should be okHealth Question & Answer

no mixing drugs Health Question & Answer

Yes. My dentist told me so.Health Question & Answer

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