What do i do to make myself not have the urge to cut?!

Question: What do i do to make myself not have the urge to cut.?
well im EXTREMLY stressed...to much stuff is going on and so much drama and EVERYTHING!!! can you help me.? whats a good thing to do.? to make it stopHealth Question & Answer

I can not for the life of me understand why people cut!!!!!!! I have survived every kind of abuse imaginable and still NEVER wanted to hurt myself like that. Honestly, you need professional help....we are not Dr,'s and can't help you the way you need to be helped. A lot of kids do this because they have suffered from abuse....They are NOT hurting anyone by doing this...especially the person they are upset about. I think other than professional help...watch videos online-you tube or read...try taking your urge and find something much safer to do. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Health Question & Answer

im going through something like that i want a smoke so bad...every time i get a cup of coffee i think of one..i know its not good for me just like cutting is not good for you what happens if you cut to far one day and cant stop bleeding...or it gets infected..they have people out there can help you...good luck..Health Question & Answer

One of the things I did to stop cutting was write everything down. I wrote down every little thing and I also started doing kick boxing. I hope everything gets better though maybe you should talk to one of your friends or family members about this.Health Question & Answer

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