Is vicadin an over the counter drug or a prescription?!

Question: Is vicadin an over the counter drug or a prescription.?
i have to write a essay on drugs and i don't know which drugs are over the counter, and which are prescriptionHealth Question & Answer

PRESCRIPTION ONLY IT IS A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE THAT IS PRESCRIBED ONLY BY A MEDICAL DOCTOR also you can go to the and also Walgreen's website and look up drugs as to whether they are over the counter or prescription.Health Question & Answer

Vicodin is Lortab or Hydrocodone. It is a narcotic analgesic and is most definately a prescription drug. If you are doing an essay, most pharmacists would be happy to provide you with print outs of the medications, both prescription and over the counter that will provide you with excellent information.Health Question & Answer

Vicodin is prescription only dear.Health Question & Answer

Vicodin is a prescription only drug. Health Question & Answer

Definitely prescription. It is illegal to have it if its not prescribed to you.Health Question & Answer

vicodin is a prescription. Health Question & Answer

prescription.Health Question & Answer

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