Help...I accidental took 60 mg ADDERALL XR?!

Question: Help...I accidental took 60 mg ADDERALL XR.?
I have ADD and i normally take 30mg a day but I forgot I had already taken my meds when I took another 30mg pill. Im 178 lbs and 30mg is not too much for my body at this point.Health Question & Answer

you'll be perfectly fine. i have ADD too. I took 90mg in one day once and we went to the doctor. they said that i would be fine and there would be no side effects what so ever. i weigh about 110lbs so i think you'll be just fine!Health Question & Answer

ANY time you have a question like this it requires more expert and immediate attention than what you can get on Yahoo Answers. You have two options- I like the first one best. Call your local pharmacist- Walgreens is open 24 hours in most places. If that's not possible, many cities have Poison Control that can be called. Tell them you accidentally overdosed on your medication, tell them exactly how much you took, and they will advise you if they think you require emergent medical attention, just need to drink a lot of water, or should take ipecac syrup to puke.

Most drugs are not so toxic that an accidental doubling of the dose is going to do a lot of harm. I'm not familiar with Adderall XR so I can't say if this is one or not. Drugs that can be problematic include Lithium, Digoxin, Beta blockers, some of the antipsychotics and antiseizure drugs, etc. In many cases, Tylenol is more dangerous for overdoses than other drugs. But it's ALWAYS best to play it safe and ask. You won't be the first to have done it- and certainly not the last!

(I did this with K-tek which is an antibiotic. I actually took 4 pills- 2 twice- in one day when I was supposed to take one twice daily. One of it's side effects is a disturbance in visual accomodation- being able to focus basically- and I really felt it! Beyond that, I was just fine- just felt a little silly!)Health Question & Answer

I'd suggest speaking to your pharmacist or prescribing doctor about this issue.

Regardless, you'll probably be o-k-a-y. Relax. Take a deep breath. Take care.Health Question & Answer

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