Does this marijuana pill really exist?!

Question: Does this marijuana pill really exist.?
One of my smoking friends told me about a government issued pill that is given to terminally ill patients who smoke weed, for the medicinal purposes, THC the active ingredient in marijuana, without all the smoke and paranoia. I asked my doctor for such a pill. and he only gave me another pill. (said it was for my nerves) It was definitely not a substitute for weed it was some kind of little pill like thorazine used for treating psychosis. Has anyone got any idea if there is such a good medicine, or was my friend just blowing smoke.?Health Question & Answer

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I have heard of this in the past, but it did not live up to people expectations I suppose.

It is certainly an interesting addition to the smoke free environment.

Personally, I do not do or support drugs: I use prayer and I take the strait an narrow path to avoid living with a guilty conscience.Health Question & Answer

No, it's absolutely true. My mom's friend had a terminally ill husband who took (I believe) THC pills because he never wanted to eat and had nausea. They don't look like compressed weed or anything- it looks like a round white pearl actually. So, yeah....true story.Health Question & Answer

Yes, it's called 'marinol'. Usually used for cancer patients to increase appetite.Health Question & Answer

Yep...Marinol really exists.
I had a friend with throat cancer that took it to boost her appetite.Health Question & Answer

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