Is there anyway to get out of a hair marijuana test?!

Question: Is there anyway to get out of a hair marijuana test.?
wash your hair with baby shampoo. or of course, lick the dog's tongue, get rabies and throw a sickie.Health Question & Answer

lol, yea just shave your hair, or completely wax your whole body! But youre pretty much screwed, weed can stay up to 7 years in your hair and the test is pretty dam expensive too.Health Question & Answer

There are several ways, but they are all illegal, immoral, or fatal. You've got to pay the piper.Health Question & Answer

Maybe wear a wig made out of someone else's hair.?

You can't wear a synthetic wig, they'll figure that one out...Health Question & Answer

Yup. Don't smoke, won't have a need for tests.Health Question & Answer

Shave your head.Health Question & Answer

shave baldHealth Question & Answer

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