AD HD question, Advice Please? ?!

Question: AD HD question, Advice Please.? .?
My sister is extremely hyper all the time, and does things at times that are extremely inappropriate, such as playing hide in seek in church, and climbing everything in site. My moms friend who is a nurse, suggested that we should get her tested about a year ago, but my mom doesn't want her to have to take drugs. I know it's not my place to mettle, but I'm worried about my sister. Shes 13, btw. This has been going on for awhile. We are home schooled so issues at school aren't apparent, but she does have trouble concentrating, and tends to get sidetracked. Advice.? Health Question & Answer

Age 13 and climbing on things all the time...hmmm. It seems mom needs to speak up a little more. Instead of your mom training your sis, it sounds as if perhaps, the opposite has happened.

It is probably a good thing she is being home-schooled, as long as she can pass an exam at the end.

You did not indicate if you are younger or older than your sister. Your writing makes it sound like you may actually be younger.?

Your mom has a good friend who she needs to listen to. Your mom can't/won't treat what is never accurately diagnosed. also, there are effective alternative treatments to drugs...but first you must be sure ADHD is the problem.

I have read a good book called, "Driven to distraction" by Hallowell and Ratey: ISBN-13: 9780684801285. The new book I have not read by the same authors is, "Delivered From Distraction: Getting the Most out of Life with ADHD" ISBN-13: 9780345442314. Both books are written by ADD patients and can probably be checked out from your local library.

You must be gentle in bringing this up with your mom, but you may want to suggest the books. You can't adequately deal with what isn't determined as existing.

My son was 13 when diagnosed. I did not recommend drugs but gave him the option. I told him it was something he was going to have to deal with all his life, and bec of his age, I would not 'force' him to try to solve it with drugs. To my knowledge, he has never chosen to deal with it that way. He understands he must structure his time to accomplish his goals. I tried to apply/teach alternative solutions.

(You are sweet to reach out for your sis.) I hope your mom will read the books. If not, perhaps your sis will.

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Tell your mom of your concern & that your sister's behavior would not be tolerated in a regular school or later in HS or college. You believe she is being sheltered & it will cause her more problems as she gets older & wants to be in relationships.

Refer to your mom's friend suggesting testing & tell her it doesn't mean your sister must be on meds, but there are learning techniques to help people like your sister to concentrate, pay attention more, & learn to control her behavior.

It would be useful to get a diagnosis. People with ADD or ADHD are given more time on state tests, etc.

I wonder if your mom feels guilty about your sister.

At 13, her symptoms can actually get worse because of the hormonal changes that are going on with her.

She would do well to try some of the newer meds....she can use them as needed.

Good luckHealth Question & Answer

Sugar can aggravate ADHD so perhaps a reduced sugar intake might help. See item 107 in .Health Question & Answer

I think i agree with your mom's friend. She should get tested. Remind your mom that the drugs are for good. It could change her personality totally and maybe calm down a little.Health Question & Answer

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