Why do people buy weed? ?!

Question: Why do people buy weed.? .?
At my school drugs are a big problem. Lots of people buy weed from one another. It seems like such an easy thing to grow, why do people pay these ungodly amounts of money to buy it. Is it more difficult than it seems, or am i just missing something.? Health Question & Answer

The problem is weed is portrayed by the media as bad for you but nothing has EVER been proved - the best think they can come up with is "may be linked to...". Weed is a lot safer than alcohol, yet alcohol is legal.

The reason weed is illegal actually has nothing to do with health risks - it's because it's grown by many people (even the elderly) and it would be virtually impossible for the governments to tax it or make money on it as it is so readily available. So the goverments portray it as dangerous with no evidence to prove what they say is true (especially as it is made up).

Edit: Jason, if you talking to me, you are wrong and clearly YOU have no idea what YOU are talking about because if you did, you wouldn't have said that!Health Question & Answer

You pay for the risk the grower/dealer is taking on getting caught. If you get caught you probably get a ticket and it confiscated. If they get caught they can go to jail or face very high fines. Once they get caught their business can never be the same- that's why you pay so much. It's also not very easy to grow.

Anyway, I'm not pro or con weed. Just thought I'd let you know. Health Question & Answer

It is quite difficult to grow - you get both male and female plants but the males aren't good to smoke, plus a lot of plants don't turn out so it's better to start with a clone plant, plus its illegal which makes it quite risky, the plants are big and smelly and obvious.Health Question & Answer

in a sense it is an easy thing to grow.. but good weed isn't easy to grow..

possession usually results in a ticket/fine.. cultivation usually results in mandatory jail sentences.. (california)Health Question & Answer

You're right. Everyone should just start growing it themselves! I am certain it would boost the economy.Health Question & Answer

I have no idea. I have a patio full of weeds and anyone willing to pull them can have them for free.Health Question & Answer

for there glaucomaHealth Question & Answer

u have nooooooooooooo idea what ur talking about Health Question & Answer

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