How to make hiccups go away?!

Question: How to make hiccups go away.?
I have tried holding my breath, drinking water without stoping, drinking upside down and getting a fright xD
Helppp.?Health Question & Answer

drink a gulp of water but dont sallow then you plug you ears with your pointer finger then plug your nose with your thumbs and sallow the water, works for meHealth Question & Answer

It seems that there's no proven good way to stop hiccups, and the tricks seem to work in some people but not in others. However here are ones that are particularly useful for me:

- have someone tickle me, say really silly things etc. to make me laugh like mad and can't breathe. (This is extremely effective for me)
- hold a mouthful of water, and sllloooooowwwllllyyyyy swallow it in ten different sips.
- press my diaphragm downwards. This is hard to explain, but the feeling is as if you're swallowing hard, and the "air" is pushed downwards to your diaphragm and your stomach expands. Try swallowing hard and perhaps you can understand what I mean. You'll have to keep this posture for a while and hold your breath while you're doing it.Health Question & Answer

I agree with net7674. For some reason drinking like that helps.

When I get hiccups really bad, drinking a bit of pickle juice helps me.

If you can't get to anything, try simply sitting down and bending over while taking deep breaths. But not with your mouth wide open. Almost like you're breathing through a straw. It sometimes helps me.

Good luck with the hiccups. They are annoying :)Health Question & Answer

the only thing at works for me is vinegar. A teaspoon of that and they disappear. Not the most pleasant thing, but it works.Health Question & Answer

Drink water from the opposite side of the glass. You'll have to lean down a little to do it. Good luckHealth Question & Answer

It's all in the head. Say: HICCUPS GO AWAY! (Even if you sound crazy) And put it behind you, they'll go away. I have done it HA!Health Question & Answer

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