How long do hemorrhoids last? I think I have one.?!

Question: How long do hemorrhoids last.? I think I have one..?
bleeding bright red color only when I do #2
no pain during #2
little itching and tiny pain at anus once in a while.
I can feel a small lump just inside anus hole. I push it back in but it is staying out a little mostly.Health Question & Answer

At 31 weeks pregnant I consider myself an expert in this area. (no pun intended) :) It should only last a couple of days. Try not to strrain when you go. Pushing it back in will help as will putting some witch hazel on it. (good for vericose veins ie: hemorrhoids) Drink ALOT of water too to keep the poopie soft so you dont put extra pressure on the one you've got. Trust me you DO NOT want it to get thrombosed. Ug. Good luck.Health Question & Answer

In most cases hemorrhoids don't just go away. The sooner you start treating it the better it is. A good natural treatment is Rue Care Oil. Beside treating the hemorrhoids, you should also treat the cause of it. For as long as the cause of hemorrhoids exist, they'll develop again.
The most common cause is constipation, but also pregnancy, acid/alkaline imbalance, vitamin B6 deficiency, sitting or standing in the same position for longer periods of time. A lot you can do by yourself with a proper diet - lots of fruits and vegetables, drink good quality water and eliminate all soda drinks, alcohol, meat as little as possible, stop smoking. Acid forming foods are causing weak veins and in weak veins hemorrhoids develop faster. Ingredients in Rue Care Oil are shrinking the hemorrhoids as well as strengthening the veins.Health Question & Answer

Hemorrhoids are a big money maker for some doctors and the drug industries. All hemorrhoids are is excess acid. Almost all food has acid in them. So your body uses up most of that acid, but when it can't use it all up, then a small sac of acid forms next to the anus. The more acid the larger the sac grows.

The cheapest and healthy way to heal this is mix up 1/4th cup of old fashion molasses with 3/4 cup of 3.2% milk. Stir well, and drink it right down. Do this at the same EXACT time every day until all signs of the itching, etc are gone. Then in the future the minute you THINK you are getting them again, eat one molasses cookie.Health Question & Answer

They are pretty common and as long as you got only those symptoms would I say it's not too bad--because I've seen people in the hospital getting hemmorhid surgery--and all of the cried from the pain. Just keep clean and put cocoa butter on them---that'll stop the itch---bad news is that they will never go away-----Health Question & Answer

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