Problem with medication?!

Question: Problem with medication.?
ok this is gonna be kinda long so...i've been having problems where every single time i stand up i black out and cant hear or see for like 30 secs. my doctor sent me to a neurologist and he put me on migrane meds.? but now i've been having a really bad cold and a sinus infection and all three of the meds my doctor perscribed me are making me extremley nauseus. in 10 days i lost 9 lbs. i'm not eating too much from the nausea and none of the meds are making me feel any better. i'm still sick and my moms still making me go to soccer practices. i feel like i'm gonna lose more weight and just get worse. help.?Health Question & Answer

You need to call your doctor and tell him that you are extremely nauseous. He can either take you off the meds, or more likely he will put you on an anti-nausea medication. They help wonders with medication caused nausea. It can take 4-6 weeks for the migraine medicines to start working. Keep trying... and give it a shot. also, you don't want to be suffering that whole time.

Tell your mom that you're sick... she shouldn't make you go to soccer practice.

I hope you get feeling better. It is not fun to be blacking out. Health Question & Answer

I would go back to your doctor and tell him you're not feeling any better. After 10 days you should be feeling a little better anyway. What was your diagnoses.? If you're feeling that lousy and losing wait, something is not working. Why would your mom make you still play soccer if you're sick. Maybe she should try it when she's not feeling well. (Sorry) Hope this helps a little!Health Question & Answer

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