**So Its Been 3 Months Since I Overdosed.. ?!

Question: **So Its Been 3 Months Since I Overdosed.. .?
I overdosed on 90 paracetamol a few months ago. I went to the hospital to have my stomach pumped, all the usual.
But every time I am sick or I drink alcohol, the same taste comes into my mouth as those paracetamol.
Whatever I drink or eat, the taste stays in my mouth. I cant stand it and it stays in my mouth for days.
So is there anything that I could do to get rid of the taste.?
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It sounds like you did some serious, may be permanent damage to your liver.. Try to avoid alcohol and fatty(.?) food or anything heavy for your liver... I hope you'll recoverHealth Question & Answer

why.? by accident or on purpose.?
I would suggest see a doctor about the taste.
How r u feeling now.? (after 3 months)Health Question & Answer

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