I'm scared. Am I going to die?!

Question: I'm scared. Am I going to die.?
3 months ago, I had a terrible stomach flu (fever, nausea, body ache, fatigue). It went on for 3 weeks (I didn't vomit). I went to the doctor and he found I have bacteria in my stomach.

Two weeks later, I got the stomach flu again, and it wasn't as bad as the first one. I only felt nauseous and uncomfortable. I did use medicine.

A month later, I got it again (September). It was quite mild, this one. I was OK the next day. Again, I didn't vomit.

After I few weeks, I got it again. I felt very nauseous this time (I also had a mild fever). So I went to the doctor to check-up. There was nothing wrong with my stomach (no bacteria).

Last night, again, I felt nauseous. Today, I felt worse. I have a fever right now.

This has been happening from July to this month (I've felt better and I got sick). It's like a cycle or something. What should I do.? Is it because I have a weak immune system.? And I must say the weather is very weird in here.Health Question & Answer

See a doctor. I know you already did, but tell him everything you posted here. You deserve to know what is going on with your own body. Even if he tells you it is just going around, at least you will still have an answer other than "nothing is wrong." Maybe (s)he can perscribe something.Health Question & Answer

you are sensitive to something in your environment. And at some point you may have had H. pylori in your stomach causing it as you said they found bacteria. Unless there is a microscopic parasite in your intestines that you picked up somewhere......go see the doctor and get extensive tests. There are all kinds of things that could be the problem.Health Question & Answer

Symptoms like that could be indicative of many many things, some bad, and some that aren't so bad.

You should go to your doctor again, immediately. Tell him/her this is NOT normal and ask for a blood test.

Just leave it up to the doctors, but don't let them brush you off and tell you its just a normal flu. Make sure they properly investigate.Health Question & Answer

You could be suffering from Anxiety after your initial bout
Part of that answer comes from the first statement in your question
Symptoms can range all over the place and tests will come back normal.

At least see a Doctor

Try to stay away from Caffeine and Junk foods for a week or two and see how you feel thenHealth Question & Answer

See a different doctor. Just because the doctor diagnosis you normal, doesn't mean it's true. Keep going to different doctors. WHat is your diet.? What are you eating.? Maybe you're allergic to a certain ingredient or food.?Health Question & Answer

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