Do you have any techniques that help you fall asleep faster?!

Question: Do you have any techniques that help you fall asleep faster.?
i HATE going to bed at night because even when im tired, i always end up laying there forever and cant stop thinking about stuff.

its really annoying like no matter what i do, even if im dead tired. ill start thinking about a bunch of random stuff like my breathing and what its like to fall alseep and stuff and then i get like afraid to fall asleep and ahhhhh i hate it.

im not allowed to use sleeping pills and i wouldnt really want to, but is there anything you do that helps you get to sleep Health Question & Answer

A glass of warm milk an hour before bedtime is supposed to help.

Other remedies can be found in a web search for "natural sleep remedies".Health Question & Answer

If I don't want to take sleeping pills, sometimes I will take ibuprofin. It's a pain killer. Sometimes I might have a slight ache / pain / headache - not even really noticible, but enough to keep me awake or cause me to wake up sometime during the night, even if it seems subconscious. I notice that on the nights I do take it, I have a slightly more restful sleep.Health Question & Answer

I was going to suggest PM pain reliever, I sometimes use them, they help me.
Other than that I would suggest getting a lot of physical activity in the day, that will tire you out.
Go to your local public library and get a few exercise video's, use them, tire yourself out, you'll sleep.
Start a running program.Health Question & Answer

Masturbation releases endorphines and other hormones that can make you sleepy. However, it should not be a constant habit for you to need to sleep. Nevertheless, if it's really troubling for you, maybe you can go to the bathroom and do it before sleeping.Health Question & Answer

i have same experience around my exams . the best medicine is 1 tablet of (nitrest) that is zolpidem 10 mins before u sleep . this is not a sleeping pill but is a sleep inducer. once u have regularized ur sleep cycle for one week , u take the tabs every alternate day for the next week n then stop . i hope u use it . u will surely benefit .trust me . i am a doctor Health Question & Answer

One thing that I do is concentrate on my breathing. Here's what you do.
1).Breath in and in your mind say in.
2). Breath out and in your mind say out.
p.s. Do this slowly but not to slow or else you won't get enough oxygen in your system. Health Question & Answer

I have the same problem because I am a wanderer/dreamer. My technique is turning on the tv to some boring channel, putting socks on my feet, laying down and thinking about me lying on the beach with no one around lolHealth Question & Answer

I agree that you should read a book, but not something exciting, like an adventure book. I would recommend something ... calmer, like a Jane Austen novel. You don't want to stimulate your mind while your trying to relax it, right.?Health Question & Answer

when i cna't fall asleep i put the cold side to my pillow an then i picture all balc when i close my eyes.. i workds for me you should try it
Health Question & Answer

Warm milk always helps me. Get a music player in your room and play some soothing music. Take a shower and get clean sheets everytime you want to fall asleep faster. It always helps me. Health Question & Answer

I have been reading in bed for years, and now my mind associates reading with sleep, so I only get a short way in before becoming too tired to hold a book!

Health Question & Answer

There isn't really a trick.. hmm just try to close your eyes and think about stuff you did today and you'll fall asleep and you won't even notice.Health Question & Answer

Ambien put out a CD to help you fall asleep. They would probably send you one for free if you contact them. It works really well.Health Question & Answer

Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time Tea (Extra)Health Question & Answer

Yes this is going to sound crazy but trust me it works try reading a book .Health Question & Answer

A glass of wine.Health Question & Answer

Warm milk, calm music and warm bathHealth Question & Answer

when im on the comp for a long time......i get tiredHealth Question & Answer

smoke a jay Health Question & Answer

read a really boring book, or do some tough math problemsHealth Question & Answer

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