Anyone been through the CNA program?!

Question: Anyone been through the CNA program.?
I am starting the CNA program soon...does anyone know if I will be required to purchase anything other than nursing scrubs, shoes, for example, do we need stethoscopes. I heard some nursing classes require you to get a "nursing kit" which has stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, etc. Or is that only for LPN/RN programs.?
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I am an RN and I never had to buy a blood pressure cuff, your employer will have these available. You should not have to buy anything other than a stethoscope and scrubs. When I went through my cna class we only had to buy the books. I would call the school you are attending and ask just in case, they can give you the best information since every program is different. Good luck and I hope you have fun in your class :)Health Question & Answer

its a very simple program not hard at all so take a breather and relaxHealth Question & Answer

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