I'm going to try ecstasy tonight, any reason for worry?!

Question: I'm going to try ecstasy tonight, any reason for worry.?
Ok so i am going to try E tonight. I bought the pill last night, and my friend i bought from had already taken 2.5, cause he has tolerance. So i don't think these pills are bunk. (i did my research) but their are so many points of view. Should i just take have to start with.? or the whole pill.? and how much water should i drink.? PLEASE DON'T TELL ME, WHY I SHOULD NOT TAKE IT!! I ALREADY KNOW THE DANGERS.Health Question & Answer

if you already know the dangers then what are you asking.? Drugs affect everyone differently to a degree so you should always be worried. How old are you.? how old is your friend.? why do you feel the need to try E.? If you are going to try it just remember moderation is the way to go, although I don't think it's necessary to experiment with drugs, we've all had our decisions to make. Make your decision a wise one. If you do take start small 1/2 should do the trick remember you can add but not take back. Don't do anything you are not comfortable with or give in to pressure. YOU are more important. also watch out for dehydration if you will be dancing etc. E will sometimes make you forget you are thirsty. It can also have the reverse effect where you can drink so much your bladder explodes. Try to be with people who you trust 100%. I'm old enough to remember that many people have died from E not from the drug itself but because of stupidity and since I haven't experimented in a long time I don't know how it has changed over the years.
Be smart
be safe and remember that drugs are not necessary to have funHealth Question & Answer

Its pretty obvious that you have brought it with the intention of taking it. And you are looking for a community consent, or an excuse from someone so you can justify taking it. Let me guarantee you something. You are on this forum, nobody who is taking ecstasy is on this forum, and even if he/she is will not remain for long. You see extacy has a way of weaning you away from all normal things. And one more thing if you do take it, Good bye, cause you will soon lose, the call of reason.
And don't look for justification in this forum. You wont get it.
also I was just like you, I tried Coke, Heroin, and Amphetamines/LSD. took me 1 try to get on it, and after I first tried stopping, 3 years to get off it. BOLHealth Question & Answer

just cos you friend took it doesnt mean its safe for you . your body could have a bad reaction to it and it could kill you. if youve done your research you know that already and it sounds like your going to do it so at least drink a lot of water and let someone your with know what youve taken just in case. - i am not encouraging you to take it! just would rather you be safe if your going to do itHealth Question & Answer

Just take it and be done with it, the following will occur:

A. You'll love it and you'll be come an E-head which will lead you to greater things like Coke, meth Herion ....and Jail

B) It will affect the endorphin producing part of your brain, you will never come off your trip, leaving you brain damaged, licking the windows of the special bus, unable to clap propperly again.

C) You'll have a bad trip and never take it again.Health Question & Answer

you don't want an answer. you just won't to tell people that you are stupid. take it and die. it could happen. i can see that your life isn't going to be a good one just by reading what crap you wrote. how stupid can a person be.Health Question & Answer

Forget water, wastiod...Just drink a bottle of bleach. Health Question & Answer

yes there is a reason to worry. People DIE the first time they take E

Health Question & Answer

if people die the first time they take E then many people would be dead dummy.
just take it, drink a lot of water.?Health Question & Answer

stipit prik thanks for the pointsHealth Question & Answer

If you know why you should not take it then why are you taking it.?.?.?.?.?
how can anyone be so stupidHealth Question & Answer

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