Why am I so dizzy all the time?!

Question: Why am I so dizzy all the time.?
It's really scaring me.
I'm dizzy 24/7 to the point where
I feel like I'm about to pass out.
I've been to the doctor,
and she told me it had to do with heartburn,
but she gave me meds for heartburn,
I don't have it, and I'm dizzier than ever.
It gets worse by the day and I'm terrified,
because I don't know whats wrong.
It's especially bad right now which is why I'm asking this question.
My face feels tingly, and it feels like the room is spinning/my chair is tipping over.
I'm so scared. :(
Any help is appreciated.Health Question & Answer

I'm not a doctor but you could have a problem with your inner ear. You could also have vertigo or an anxiety disorder. Best to get checked out by a doctor. Check out this link:
http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/dizzine...Health Question & Answer

I would tend to agree with Ms. Bell. You may have Vertigo. However you may also have a low red blood cell count, or be dehydrated.

Are you drinking enough water.? Make note: sodas, milk, or alcohol do not count as water.

If you have a low red blood cell count, there is not enough to transfer the needed oxygen from your lungs to your body, thus you will feel dizzy and lightheaded.Health Question & Answer

I'm not Doctor but, your Doctor sounds "DIZZY" to me.....HOW can she give you a 'Heartburn' diagnosis from DIZZINESS.?
It does sound like an INNER Infection. I had it once, I compared it to being Seasick on Dry land.
There is Medication for it.Health Question & Answer

stop spinning.Health Question & Answer

maybe you should stop asking so many DAMN questionsHealth Question & Answer

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